Hyperfiddle lets Clojure programmers build industrial strength user interfaces

How it works

Hyperfiddle reflects high fidelity web UIs from any function plus clojure.spec metadata about its parameters. It will inspect your function, reflect a UI that prompts for the parameters, run the functions live as you type, and display the result in a rich form.


Functions with parameter metadata + Hyperfiddle's DSL for UI orchestration.


Live visual REPL that runs your functions.

Rapid Application Development

From this simple substrate we can orchestrate up to 50+ functions per page to form a full-bodied UI:


On the left is the Hyperfiddle user interface DSL, and on the right is the live UI it produces. This is an imperfect mock, hopefully you get the idea.

Real code, stunning leverage

Hyperfiddle expresses streaming client/server web applications as simply expressions that compose, produce values, and run at the REPL. This is made possible by our network-aware compiler that produces optimized netcode for you. So you can code simple function logic without caring how it works.

Personal Software. Hyperfiddle is born out of the desire to not be limited by our tools. Our thesis is that (real) functional programming makes possible "low-code" higher abstractions — without technical debt — in a way that wasn't possible before. Thus ushering in a new era of end user programming. Clojure makes the right tradeoffs needed to layer this on top of how things already work today.

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