Build rich CRUD apps out of nothing but functions

Hyperfiddle is a visual REPL that, given any function and metadata about its parameters, interactively generates high fidelity web UIs. It will prompt for the parameters, run the function live as you type them, and display the result in a rich form. From this simple substrate we can orchestrate up to 50+ functions in a single page to form a full-bodied UI.

Real code, stunning leverage

Hyperfiddle expresses rich client/server web applications as simply functions that compose, produce values, and run at the REPL. This is made possible by our network-aware compiler that produces optimized netcode for you. So you can code simple function logic without caring how it works.

Personal Software. Hyperfiddle is born out of the desire to not be limited by our tools. Our mission is to incubate our technology, and then abstract a layer further: into a future-of-coding programming experience that is accessible to regular people.

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What is the structure of CRUD apps?

Reactive Clojure: You don't need a web framework, you need a web language

Technical Details

Hyperfiddle is powered by Photon, our fully reactive Clojure/Script dialect implemented as a macro. Photon implements a custom analyzer (like core.async) to compile regular Clojure code into a dataflow signal graph. DAG execution is managed with a functional effect system. Photon distributes reactive Clojure/Script programs across the client/server system (like distributed map reduce). Imagine React.js but full stack, incremental view maintenance all the way from database views to DOM views as one streaming computation.