Dustin Getz 2022 May (released at Hytradboi 2022) https://twitter.com/dustingetz

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Welcome. In this video, I’m going to describe a new paradigm for modern full-stack web development that is competitive with React.js, GraphQL and Relay. At Hyperfiddle, we’ve been researching how functional programming can be applied to simplify web development. This is the result of that research.

How can query and view compose, despite the network?

As a problem statement, this here is the code we as web developers wish we could write:


There are client-side DOM effects and server-side queries. It feels like such a composition should be well-defined, but it’s not, because of how the web works. The network makes us split our composed program into two separate programs, breaking function composition.

This is basically an impedance mismatch. Your programming language is designed for single programs but your application as a whole is a client/server distributed system.

This impedance mismatch is the root cause of complexity in web development, and we think functional programming can solve it.


At Hyperfiddle, we designed a new programming language called Photon which is hosted by Clojure: